Vision Tokens

            What would you do if you got a glimpse of your own future? If you could choose, what would you want to see? And most important, when would you take that peek?

            These questions, and others, are foremost in Brad Harmon's mind. After rescuing a group of special needs children, he is given five golden tokens which he can use to catch a quick look at what lies ahead for him. Does he look to see what career he should pursue? What car to buy? Or does he look for who to marry, and how to take care of his family, or if he will ever have a family at all?

            What he learns, and what we all must learn, is that all that really does matter is his relationships--with family, our fellow men and women, and our Father in Heaven.

            Most importantly,  he finds that what really matters most is faith and trust--and our Heavenly Father.


Do you remember your first pet? What about your first car? What is your earliest memory? What if everything you ever knew just disappeared? That is what happened to Drake Mannion, an innocent bystander who gets caught up in the machinations of an evil megalomaniac who calls himself "Marcuse."

Meanwhile, Dr. Clarissa "Lissa" Brandon gets stalked, harassed, and ends up running for her life to escape the atrocities of evil men who have conveniently "forgotten" the truths surrounding them. She and her friends pull together to defend themselves, and find that there are other memories, of connections and relationships once forgotten, which remain in force throughout the eternities.

Our lives re really just a combination of our memories. What we choose to remember, and to forget, guides our actions and makes us who we are. The question we must ask ourselves is this--"What have you forgotten?"

AMNESIA-What have you forgotten?


KERF: A vial full of an unknown chemical, a scientist without any boundaries, a hoodlum with no morals, and a teenager with superpowers — What could go wrong?

Danny Cummins is just an ordinary teenager—interested in sports, friends, and girls—until he somehow gets powers beyond belief. Tracked by the scientist behind it, chased by the man who wanted it, and threatened by the ability to control it, Danny and his friends pull together to find that power comes in many forms, and isn’t always all its cracked up to be.
Camping is Magical
Nine year old Snicks is enjoying a lovely vacation with her family in the heart of the Grand Tetons. Until She finds a magical stick and a cause—to take on and defeat the powerful Mountain Lord.
Does she have the courage and fortitude to square off against the evil being and his overwhelming army? Can she save the forest and the animals from being taken captive by the creature intent on ruling and destroying all humankind?

“Snicks”—A story where camping truly is magical!